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Vinyl Wall Quote FAQ's

Below are our most frequently asked questions. Please contact us if you have additional questions.

How much is shipping? $5.00 US/$10 Worldwide via USPS with tracking/delivery confirmation. We do not express ship, as each wall quote is made to order, in the order it is received. Please Note: Global shipments can take 3-4 weeks to transport.

I'm new to vinyl wall quotes...what are these? Our products are often referred to as wall quotes, wall decals, wall words, wallies, wall stickers...just to name a few. The difference between our product and a traditional decal is that there is no surrounding edge or clear vinyl surrounding your wall quote. The vinyl is very thin and easily adheres to most surfaces. The quotes are pre-spaced, ready for application. They usually come in one piece, however very large quotes make require 2-3 pieces, depending on size and colors used. The vinyl has a matte finish, giving the appearance of a hand-painted work of art - without all of the fuss and expense.

Can you make your wall quotes bigger or smaller? Absolutely! Just let us know what your size needs are and we'll be happy to give you a price quote.

Do I need to apply each lettering individually? How many pieces will I need to apply? In most cases, the quotes are applied in one piece per color, size permitting. When a quote is ordered that shows multiple color choices, you will apply them in "layers". Please view this short video to see how easy our wall quotes are to apply.

I need help designing a wall quote - can you help? Due to time constraints, we are currently unable to offer custom designing.

Are your quotes reusable? No, they are intended for one-time use. While our wall quotes are easily removed, they are not re-usable. The vinyl is very thin (which helps it achieve that hand-painted look) and is often stretched or torn upon removal, making it extremely difficult to reuse. Click here to view the product specifications.

I'm creating a custom wall quote. How do I select my letter height? All lettering height is measured from the top of the highest letter in the quote, to the bottom of the lowest letter. The font you choose can dramatically make a difference is how larger your lettering appears. Please keep in mind that "loopy" fonts use up the lettering height quickly, as opposed to a font that is uniform in height. If you have concerns or are trying to fit your quote into a defined space, we can help you with this.


What surfaces can I apply the vinyl quote to? Our wall quotes will adhere to any smooth, flat surface, including painted walls, windows, wood plaques, doors, tiles and mirrors. Vinyl wall quotes will not adhere to canvas, concrete or cinder block without a primer/sealer first applied. We do not recommend applying to a surface that has a high-gloss or oil-based paint as it may not adhere to your satisfaction. Additionally, while they are easily applied to wallpaper, your wall quote may not release without causing damage upon removal.

Can these quotes be applied to a textured wall? Yes, but because textures vary greatly, we can't guarantee that you will be completely happy with the results. They are intended for application to a smooth, flat surface. When applying to a textured wall, be sure to press just the quote to the wall (do not press the blank application tape hard onto areas it is not needed as some peel off of your texture may occur). We also do not recommend using metallics on a textured wall, as they tend to show even minor "blips" in the surface. If you are unsure of how your wall quote will adhere to your wall or are worried that it may cause damage, please request a sample that can be applied to a hidden area.

I just painted my wall. Can I put my wall quote up right away? We recommend that you allow a minimum of 10 days for the paint to cure before applying your vinyl lettering.

I can't get my vinyl quote to transfer to my wall - what do you suggest? For easy application, be sure that the wall and quote are at room temperature. If the surface is too cool, warm it gently with a blow dryer. If you have recently cleaned the wall surface, make sure there is no leftover residue and that the wall is completely dry. A wall may feel dry even though moisture is still present. A blow dryer on a low setting may also be used on the quote itself to make it more pliable and adaptable to the wall surface. Application of your wall quote should never take more than a few minutes. For additional information, please Click here for detailed application instructions.

How are the quotes removed if I decide to change my decor? Will removal of the quote damage my wall? Using a hair dryer set to medium heat, warm the edge of the vinyl until a you can lift up an edge using your fingernail, putty knife or razor blade (be care not to scratch your wall surface). Working SLOWLY, peel the vinyl gently in the direction of the lettering. Be patient - it’s better to go slowly than to have to respackle or repaint a wall. Please note that as with any decor that covers your paint (especially in areas exposed to sunlight), there is a chance that the paint under your quote may be darker than it's surrounding area. While wall damage upon removal is rare, please keep in mind that as with any decorative medium, there is a potential for wall damage.

What does the "+$10.00" mean after the price? Am I paying more for a larger size, plus an additional fee?
wall quote prices

No. Please do not concern yourself with this figure. It is simply Yahoo!'s way of identifying a price increase due to a size change.

Do you have a catalog you can send me? Because we are constantly updating our site and adding new products, we do not offer a print catalog as it would quickly be outdated. Please follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our blog to be notified of new additions and discounts.

I don't trust ordering anything over the internet - can I call in my order? We understand your concerns, but calling in your order is probably what you should not do - on our site or any other. Do you know where your credit card number is going? Is it being written down on a scrap of paper, then tossed carelessly away? You just don't know...but with Paypal, you are using a payment gateway that is absolutely secure - and guaranteed! If you are fraudulently charged for something, they will research it and reverse any unauthorized charges. When you pay through Paypal, we do not see your financial information. Now doesn't that sound great in today's somewhat scary online world? We thought so, too!

Is there a phone number I can reach someone at? We perform all of our customer service via email for a number of reasons. We love to design and create and spend a great deal of time in production. By not staffing a front desk, we are able to keep overhead low, passing on those savings to our customers. We are also able to make sure each question or inquiry is responded to in writing, with an email trail to make sure that no mistakes are made. We strive to reply to your email within 12 business hours or less. We are committed to making our customers happy and will always do our best to help you!

Visit our "How-To" page for a super-short video showing how easy these quotes are to apply!
Happy Decorating!


Each wall quote or vinyl design is custom made to order and is not part of an inventory that can be restocked. Therefore, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Please consider size, color and font carefully prior to placing your order. Please view our wall preparation guidelines prior to applying your quote. If an error is made with your order or if the quote is defective, you must notify us within 10 days of receipt. If we have made an error with your order, please email a photo and description of the problem. We will promptly correct any mistake. Because each item is custom made and not part of an inventory, we do not accept returns for refund or exchange, nor do we offer a store credit. Additionally, we cannot be held responsible for the buyer's errors in installation or color choice. Additionally, we cannot be held responsible for unsatisfactory adhesion due to unfavorable wall conditions or surfaces.

• Wall quotes by Enchanting Quotes are made using the highest quality materials available on the market. The low-tack adhesive in our products will not ruin your surface upon removal. Our wall quotes are non-toxic and lead-free.
• Our custom quotes are created upon order to your size and color specifications.
• Our vinyl quotes are available in a large array of matte finish colors (be cautious of cheaper alternatives using outdated vinyl or vinyl not intended for interior use).
• Our wall quotes are intended for smooth surfaces and also work well on some textured surfaces (not grainy/sandy). Please request a sample if you are unsure if it will adhere to your surface.
• Our wall decals are intended for one-time use. They are easily removable, but not re-positionable.

We reserve the right to ship your package using the least expensive method. At this time all packages are shipped via the United States Postal Service, UPS Ground or UPS SurePost.

Lost or Stolen Packages: Enchanting Quotes is not responsible for packages that have been lost or stolen. Please be sure that orders are shipped to a secure location where they will not be lost or stolen.
Due to our busy production schedule, we respectfully ask that you contact us via email. This provides both parties a written confirmation of requests and any other communications.
We will do our best to respond to your email within 8 business hours.

Business Hours: Monday - Friday 9AM - 4PM (Central)
Closed Weekends and Holidays