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View our huge collection of ready-to-apply vinyl wall lettering perfect for any room or occasion.

Vinyl Wall Quotes Available in a Wide Variety of Beautiful Matte Colors

wall quotes color chart

Because monitors and resolutions vary, color may not appear the same as in person. If you are unsure of color choice, please request a sample.

wall quotes application

Wall Quote Application

Very Important: Wall Preparation
Begin with a clean, dry surface. There must not be any oil, dirt or residue on your wall or surface. If you have used water to clean your surface, be sure to wait at least 24 hours before applying your quote. A wall may feel dry even with moisture present. Additionally, if your wall is freshly painted, please wait at least 21 days before application.
When you receive your custom quote, it will be on the bottom layer, covered with application tape. Please note: It may appear wrinkled from being rolled for shipping. Don't worry - this is normal and will not affect application or appearance. Using a credit card or similar item, rub firmly to adhere vinyl to application tape. Your quote may be applied using two different methods. Method #1: Tape quote to wall, using a level to ensure accurate positioning. Do not use the grid on back of the quote, or the sheet itself for leveling. Apply tape on top edge so lettering stays in desired position (Figure 1). Flip the lettering up and peel backing off (Figure 2). Flip lettering back down and rub gently with credit card until all bubbles are out and edges are adhered to wall. This method is recommended for large applications.
Or, Method #2: Place quote face down - white grid side/back facing up. Peel gently left to right and remove the application tape (Figure 3), which the lettering will have adhered to. Place your quote on the wall or surface. By gently tacking your quote to the wall, you will have the opportunity to adjust it if necessary. However, if you are applying to a mirror, use extra care as it adheres quickly and most likely will not be adjustable. Once the quote is placed firmly on your surface, remove the application tape slowly, peeling left to right (Figure 4).
wall quote application

Are You Having Problems With Your Quote Sticking? If you're having trouble applying vinyl on walls, it may have nothing to do with the tape or vinyl. The qualities of the wall surface are just as important as those of the tape and vinyl.

Is your surface newly painted? By far, the most common reason for failure in applied wall words is application on freshly painted surfaces. Just because it’s dry to the touch doesn’t mean it’s ready for your vinyl graphics. Like solvent inkjet prints, most paint used for interior walls includes VOCs* that evaporate or “outgas” over time. If you apply vinyl over uncured paint, the VOCs trapped under the vinyl begin to chemically interact with the adhesive. This usually results in a rapid degradation of the adhesive leading to failure. It literally falls off the wall! However, the opposite problem can also occur. The solvents can chemically bond with the adhesive and fuse the vinyl to the wall so that it is no longer removable. That failure won’t be clear until the end-user decides to remove and replace the graphic, at which time they’ll also remove a big chunk of paint and probably replace you on their list of trusted installers. How do you avoid these problems? Simply give fresh paint adequate time to cure before decorating with vinyl. Two weeks are the recommended wait time.

Is your paint too "fancy"? More and more households are opting for upscale paints. There are compounds in these paints that either repel adhesives or degrade them over time leading to failure. High end interior paints like the Glidden Premium Collection have additives designed to make them stain resistant and easy to clean. Unfortunately, those stain resistant additives are also adhesive resistant and can defeat successful application of vinyl graphics.

Because our products are made with the highest quality interior vinyl available on the market today (and extremely sticky!), when a quote fails to stick it is considered to be caused by a wall issue, including but not limited to:

Too Much Wall Texture - Our vinyl is designed for optimal adhesion to a flat, smooth wall surface. While it will stick and mold to most surfaces, we cannot guarantee that your texture is suitable for vinyl wall quotes.

Not Properly Preparing Your Wall Surface- Surface must be free of dust, lint and residue.

Moisture - If you have recently washed a wall in preparation of hanging a wall decal, it must be COMPLETELY free of moisture. Waiting a minimum of 48 hours before applying your wall quote is recommended.

Improper Handling of the Quote - During application, it is crucial that you do not touch the back of the vinyl decal, as fingers will release oils and lessen the integrity of the adhesive, making it difficult for the quote to stick. Removing and replacing the quote many times prior to transfer will also lessen the likelihood of full adhesion. Be sure to find your perfect placement prior to releasing the back layer which is covering the adhesive.

Delaying Quote Application - If a quote sits too long, it may become difficult to apply. The application tape may not release as easily as it is designed to under normal circumstances. Changes in storage conditions can also affect the quality (extreme temperature, humidity, etc.). All of our designs are custom created upon order, using "fresh" media, giving you the highest quality product available. Please apply your wall quote as soon as your wall conditions are favorable, preferably within 30 days.

If you are having problems with your quote adhering, below are some tips we hope you will find helpful:

1. Make sure that all edges are firmly pressed to the surface. A blow dryer on a warm setting will help loosen the adhesive, encouraging the quote to "grab" the surface.

2. Adhesive spray or craft glue can help you with particularly stubborn pieces. Please check your local craft store for products that are safe to use on your wall surface.

3. If you have bubbles under your quote, you may use a small pin to carefully puncture a small hole to allow the air to escape. Carefully rub the area to push the air out. The vinyl will self-heal and the pin hole will not show. Take care not to pull or stretch the vinyl during this process.

If you continue to have problems, please provide detailed photos of the issue and a description of the problem.
We will do our best to help you!
Please view our FAQ's page for a demonstration of how easy our wall quotes are to apply.

Enchanting Quotes are created upon order to your size and color specifications.
Our vinyl quotes are available in a large array of matte finish colors. Be cautious of cheaper alternatives using outdated vinyl or vinyl not intended for interior use.

Our wall quotes are intended for smooth surfaces and also work well on some textured surfaces (not grainy/sandy). Please request a sample if you are unsure if it will adhere to your surface.
Our wall decals are intended for one-time use. They are easily removable, but not re-positionable. Quotes are pre-spaced and ready to apply.
Enchanting Quotes are proudly made in the USA!
Step-by-step instructions included with every order.